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Colour Insights
What colours are you drawn to?

Colour Healing Energy

Colour energy is a fascinating topic and one that Frances became interested in when she met Inger Naess in Norway. Here are some thoughts on the vibration of colour that led Frances to creating a colour reading deck where people select their 'hello' and 'goodbye' colours depending on what is happening in their lives.

Red energy is primarily focused on supporting changing environments and seeking courage, security and confidence in order to work through the particular circumstance. The energy  is associated with the root or base energy centre and will help balance an over active heart centre. Red is a driving force and when repelled would suggest a denial about a particular situation.

Orange energy is a very social vibration. It helps us in our careers, inner joy and to fulfil creative ambitions and especially those that involve physical interpretation. Relationships are key with orange energy whether they be with others or the self. The vibration of orange will also soothe an active throat or third eye energy centre.


Yellow energy gives us clarity, wisdom and knowledge. It will help us in times of low self-esteem or sense of being alone and is very supportive during times of study and renewal. Yellow reflects the male energy of the sun and will help direct us to answers in our lives.

Green energy is the equaliser in the colour spectrum. Just look around at nature and see how calm you feel within five minutes or so of absorbing the many variations of green energy. This colour also represents our ability to give and care for others as well as ourselves. When we push this colour away invariable there are aspects about ourselves that we are avoiding.

Turquoise energy key role is to help us communicate what we really feel in a way that others understand our point of view and why we do what we do in certain situations. It is often referred to as an old soul who is returning to help others on their path so teaching is often an attraction.


Blue energy is about making things happen in an orderly manner. Blue supports the throat chakra and helps us to convey the right words at the right time. Often this colour is associated with clear and concise communications with people working in the media and learning professions.

Indigo energy is at the heart of the third eye or brow chakra. It is our doorway to meditation, relaxation and connecting with our intuition. When indigo energy is flowing freely it reinforces commitment and loyalty to others and gives us an  ability to have an inner faith and see the bigger picture in life. However, when out of balance we can be judgemental and become self-centred with a fear of the future.


Violet energy represents creativity of the mind - pure inspiration and mental agility. This energy harnesses all creativity and will help us to inspire others and generates a charming and friendly attitude. When out of balance there is tendency to be arrogant in thinking that you are better or know better than others and can be calculating and very critical of the self.

Magenta energy is fast and exciting - it is associated with self realisation of our true strengths and accepting love of ourselves in order that we can also give to others. It is a nurturing and supportive colour to help us break free of old habits and ways of life. 

Naess, Inger (1996). Colour Energy. Colour Energy Corporation. ISBN-10: 0968080405.

Frances is a medical herbalist, Reiki Practitioner and teacher interested in colour therapy.

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