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Reiki Healing

for friends, family and pets

Reiki Healing Energy

A Reiki practitioner does not heal anyone or anything. The individual gives permission to be used as a channel for the healing energy which is utilised by the receiver’s body/mind in accordance with their greatest and most appropriate need.

Practitioners do not command or direct Reiki healing energy but open the channel and make it available for the receiver.  All beings, including pets and plants, have universal life force energy, essential for wellness and life. 

Just For Today

Just for today, do not anger 

Just for today, do not worry 

Just for today, be humble 

Just for today, be honest in your work 

Just for today, be compassionate to yourself and others
                                                                       (Dr Mikao Usui)

For today  is a practical phrase to keep our minds focused on the now. It is a typical Buddhist stance. Each moment of life is NOW.


Do not anger is a basic Buddhist principle. It is the antithesis of balance. Once you are no longer a victim to the senses then your focus can be placed on the spiritual path.


Do not worry as this causes stress at all levels. Stress lowers the immune system opening us to the possibility of disease. 


Be humble and thoughts will be a life of abundance rather than want. The importance of material circumstances will no longer be the gauge that existence is based on.


Be honest in your work is asking you to be truthfully dedicated to the spiritual process of healing. Understanding the energy consequences of our thoughts and beliefs, as well as our actions, may force us to become honest to a new degree.


Be compassionate to yourself and others and remember the connection to all things in the universe. Mindfulness brings peace of life. This thought reminds us that human nature is compassionate and to understand and experience the connections.

Make time for you


It is important to nurture the self and dedicate some time for you whether you wake up half an hour earlier to listen to a favourite piece of music, take a relaxing bath or a walk in nature. You could go outside and stand bare foot on your lawn or patio and breathe in the morning air. Honour yourself and thank your body for giving your spirit a home from which to view and experience life on earth.

Reiki healing for plants and animals


The universal life force flows through all beings. Some animals may approach you and move in such a way to get your hands to rest on a particular part of their body where they need healing. Cats and dogs often get up when they have received enough healing energy!


To give healing to potted plants, place your hands around the pot for several minutes to focus on the roots, then move your hands up to the leaves and finally, gently encompass the plant with your hands and allow the energy to flow. 

Frances is a Reiki practitioner and teacher living in Watford, Hertfordshire. Please call me if you would wish to learn more about Mikao Usui's teachings.


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