Herbal Consultations
in Western herbal medicine

What do herbalists do?

Your initial consultation with Frances will last 1 hour and include taking a detailed case history, a physical examination if appropriate, monitoring of blood pressure and a discussion around your diet and lifestyle considerations.

Follow up appointments are usually two weeks after your first visit and monthly thereafter,  lasting half an hour and can be conducted via Zoom/Skype if required. You can also book a wellness appointment to review diet and lifestyle and support your immune system with herbs.

Frances works from clinics in Bushey, Kings Langley, St. Albans and Watford in Hertfordshire and  will be offering  face-to-face consultations as soon as government guidelines allow. In the meantime, you can book a Zoom appointment and call Frances for an initial chat.  

Consultation Fees

  • Herbal consultation (1 h) – £80

  • Follow up (½ h) - £40

  • Concessions (1 h) -£60

  • Follow up (½ h) - £30.00

  • Children (under 16 years) - £30

Personalised Herbal Medicines

  • Herbal tinctures - £12 per 100 mL

  • Dried herbs - £10 per 100 g

  • Repeat Prescriptions (Dispensing fee - £5)

  • Creams from £6 per 30 g

  • Post and packing - from £5

We welcome you returning empty the amber medicine bottles and jars for recycling. Find out more about Frances.

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Please note, if you cancel your herbal consultation/follow up appointment within 48 hours of agreed time, a  cancellation fee may be charged.

All patient information is confidential and is not disclosed to any person or business. Here is a link to my Privacy Policy