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  Buster's Day
In October it will be seven years since Non and Christopher passed from this world and in memory of them both, with their families’ blessing, we have created a limited edition of Non’s linocut titled ‘Buster’s Day’ Click here for details of how to order your copy. All proceeds will go to the Herbal History Research Network Student Travel Bursary.

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Do you have a chronic skin condition that hasn't responded to allopathic medication, menopausal flushes, lack of sleep or increasing arthritic joint pain in your hands hands and knees? Western herbal medicine is usually prescribed in the form of herbal teas, tinctures, powders or hand made creams, lotions, balms and shampoos.

To chat with Frances about how herbal medicine may help you or to book a consultation, please call me or send a text. Look forward to hearing from you.


Tel:  01923 674050

Mobile: 07976 609848

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